Welcome to the newly re-designed website featuring my photography. As a photographer exploring new and innovative ways to promote my work and brand, I’ve run into several challenges with one of the most popular social media outlets: Instagram. I’ve done my share of research, studying their algorithm, looking at strategies to build followers and likes in order to grow my brand. I’ve invested in contracting companies whose only goal is to get you real organic followers. I’ve even utilized beautiful themes to display my images.

Yet everything came to an abrupt halt twice, when Instagram decided to delete my account without notice, claiming I was violating their posting policy involving nudity. The problem is that they have no clear explanation of what they consider unacceptable nudity. After all, all it takes is browsing through some of the most popular Instagram accounts and see how explicit nudity is rampant, yet they are still operating without problem.

Instagram makes it very to reason by making it impossible to connect with a live operator with whom you can appeal a decision. In fact, it appears that Instagram operates completely by automation. The biggest indicator is how  the same image that may be questioned by them, will be the same image that according to their statistics is performing 90% or better with my audience and therefore I receive notices from Instagram asking me to consider promoting such images with them, only to be turned down if I choose to do so. Their lack of logic is enough to make you go mad. In fact, after two separate account deletions I came close to suffering a nervous breakdown. Oh, did I forget to mention that Facebook who happens to own Instagram and encourages you to sync both services, has no problems with the same images I happen to post in my Facebook Photography page? Makes total sense, right?

So, finally, after picking myself up and choosing to start all over again, I decided to tell Instagram to get lost (actually it was said using more colorful language, but you get the idea). Instead, I would concentrate on posting whatever I choose to post in my own website, where there are no censors, and rely on  other social media outlets such as Twitter and Tumblr which do not have such puritanical issues with nudity.

If you are reading this, I want to thank you for having made the effort to follow my artwork. You are one of the die hard followers and I hope you can spread the word to others like you that appreciate the beauty in figure nude studies. Having been busy shooting away, I had not realized how outdated my previous website was.  In fact, the site now feature an additional 20 galleries from its original site. That’s a lot of images folks!

It simply reinforces the obvious: my love for capturing the perfect moment in the human form. Make sure to stick around and enjoy the images.

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