Beauty is all around us. As a photographer, it’s my challenge and primary goal to capture that perfect moment when the subject is displaying such beauty. In my experience, such moment usually presents itself in between planned poses or staging, when he is relaxed and not “performing” for the camera. It lasts a few seconds and if I’m fortunate, it is captured to be displayed for eternity.

Jose Arroyo began taking pictures at age 15, when his father, a professional photographer handed him his old camera and told him “See what you can do with this.” While his father specialized in landscapes from places he traveled all around the world, Arroyo was intrigued by capturing the beauty of the human form. His first models were his two sisters with whom he practiced endlessly. In 1987, after graduating from college and moving to San Diego, Arroyo had his first gallery opening, where he featured his series of black and white male figure studies. His work has appeared in a set of notecards by 10% Productions as well as Gay & Lesbian Times, EDGE, Urban Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Playgirl and Advocate Men magazines. In 1996, Arroyo moved to Los Angeles where he has been a resident ever since. He decided to go into semi-retirement from his photography work in 1998. After an 18 year hiatus, he figured that it was time to pick up the camera once again and see what he could do with it. This time around, he is now working fully digital and playing with the digital darkroom aspect of photography. Arroyo has always loved to work with subjects that have no or very little experience in front of a camera. Finding such subjects were easy to find in San Diego and now that he is located in West Hollywood, it’s a lot more challenging. Despite its challenges, Arroyo continues to be inspired to capture that special moment.

*photographer’s images by Jay Jorgensen